How do I hide plugins that I have not purchased?

NOTE: For After Effects and Premiere Pro, see bottom of Article

Our installers contain multiple products, if you want to hide the products from FCP X that you don't want to see you can do one of the following:

• Completely remove our plugins using our uninstaller, then run the installer again and choose "customize" and only install the products you wish.  To uninstall please run the "Full uninstall CoreMelt Plugins" app that is in /Library/Application Support/CoreMelt/Tools.  This will not remove your registration, so you won't have to re-enter your license.

• or you can remove the Motion Template files manually, this will hide them from appearing in your effects menus in FCP X.  See this video for details:



After Effects and Premiere Pro

Open the "Go" menu in the finder by pressing shift command G

Copy paste this path into the window that opens:

/Library/Applications Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-Ins/7.0/MediaCore/CoreMelt

You can then delete the folders containing the plugins you don't want to see in the host application


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