Why do I see two versions of PaintX (or another product) installed in two effects categories?

Unfortunately due to some architecture changes, the Apple Silicon native FxPlug4 versions of our products cannot load project settings from the older Intel native version.  If you wish to load project settings from these versions you must leave the older version installed and if you are on an Apple Silicon system you must launch FCP using the Rosetta2 launcher.

Under effects the two versions look like this. "C2 PaintX 4" is the Apple Silicon native version, "C2 PaintX" is the older version.  Trying to load the older version on an Apple Silicon native system will give a red frame error unless you launch using Rosetta2 emulation.


You can remove the FxPlug3 older Intel native versions when you don't need them using CoreMelt Manager drop down at the right of the product name.  Select the option Uninstall FxPlug3 version.



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