Using the Tangent Ripple controller

Chromatic version 1.1 and later supports the Tangent Ripple color grading controller.  It is not necessary to have the tangent mapper software installed, just plug the Tangent Ripple into any USB port and we will directly detect the controller.  At this time there is a fixed mapping as shown in the document below.

To verify the Tangent Ripple is detected correctly please click on the gear icon in the Chromatic floating window. You should see "Tangent Ripple" appear underneath "Export to CUBE format".  If you see "No Control Surface Found" please carefully check the USB connection.

IMPORTANT: If you do have the Tangent Mapper software installed, some application settings emulate keypresses which can cause unwanted behaviour in FCP X.  To avoid this please use the following settings in Tangent Mapper.  

1. Make sure "Auto-select Application" is not ticked.

2. Change the Application Setting to "Logic Pro".  ( The mapping for Logic Pro does not emulate any key presses, which is why we choose this one )


PLEASE NOTE: The Tangent Ripple controller can only be in use by one Application at a time as other applications have different mappings. Please make sure you only enable the Tangent Ripple in one application at a time or you will get unexpected results.

Control Mapping:

 In the current version of Chromatic you can only change the sensitivity, the mapping is fixed.  To adjust the sensitivity of movements on the Tangent Ripple click on the gear icon in the floating window and then when you scroll down to "Tangent Ripple" you will see the options for low , medium or high sensitivity.

There is also a link below to download the mapping image as a PDF for later reference.




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