Chromatic Hotkeys list

Use the link at bottom to download a PDF cheat sheet of these hotkeys.

Hotkeys that work in all modes

- Command 1 - 9: add adjustment of type X to stack

- F1-F6: change compare buffers

- A or B: store current frame in buffer A or B

- Caps Lock: toggles display of preview buffer on or off 

- Esc: closes Chromatic window

- Delete: deletes selected adjustments

- Command-R: resets adjustment

  • Hold down Alt/Option key to increase the drag accuracy of curve points by 10x
    • Also applies for Lift Gamma Gain and all sliders and color wheels

Hot keys for Color Replace

- Shift:  add colors to selection

- Alt/Option: delete colors from selection

Hot keys in curves windows (RGB / HSL / LAB)

- Delete: deletes selected curve points

- Command: Keeps the other curve points selection status when selecting/deselecting another curve point

- Command: keeps the x value constant during curve points dragging 

- Control: keeps the y value constant during curve points dragging 

 Hotkeys for Presets browser window

- Delete: deletes selected presets


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