I have entered my serial but I am still getting 'trial expired'

• Are you trying to use a product you have not purchased?

Please note that CoreMelt installers can contain multiple products which are purchased separately.  SliceX / TrackX and DriveX are separate products, to use all of them you must have purchased our SliceX / TrackX / DriveX bundle.  If you have purchased any one of these products you can get a discount on the others by entering your serial in as a coupon, or contact us for a discount coupon.

• Have you tried clearing your renders in FCP X?
If you have entered your serial and still see 'trial expired' it may be because the clips are already rendered. Please clear your project render files in FCP X, see this video for details.

 • Please double check you have entered your serial correctly

Please try opening the license installer by clicking on the 'registration' button in the on screen controls or the inspector of any CoreMelt plugin.  There should be a green tick ✅ next to the product name to show it is successfully registered.  If there is not please enter your serial again.  See this video for details.



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