I am using TrackX and the clip I placed in the image well is not playing back correctly

If you experience that the clip placed into the image well in Track Layer or Simple Tracker does not play back at the correct speed or is frozen then please do the following.

• Create a compound clip from the insert clip (or title or generator) that you wish to insert into the tracked background.  Then drop the compound clip into the image well in Track Layer or Simpler Tracker.  This is a limitation in FCP X.


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    kim llumar

    i can't understand ..

    please make a simple video ..plz ..

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    Pieter Dekkers

    I am having similar issues: I tracked a clip and want to add a layer with text. (This text layer a moving image because it contains transitions)

    The text layer plays back at a slower speed as the original clip (and the tracked layer) I tried the compound clip method first and also an exported  file with alpha layer. My first thought was difference in frame rate but I also tested and checked that. Any suggestions?

    I am working in FCPX

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    Fayez Musallam

    Hello new to the Forum. Anyone find a solution for this?

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    Pieter Dekkers

    Yes...after trying several things (with great help from CoreMelt!) the most obvious solution worked: I upgraded to the newest vesion and everything worked perfectly again.

    Make sure you update TrackX after upgrading to High Sierra and FCP X 10.4


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