I am getting an "invalid clip" or other error when trying to track with Lock and Load

There are some clips that Lock & Load can’t be applied to, in this case you will get a warning message about “Invalid Clip” or another error message. The following situations can cause this problem.

  •  Lock & Load cannot be used on clips that have the built in stabilizer or rolling shutter reduction applied. Please either use only built in stabilization or Lock & Load, you cannot use both on the same clip.
  •  Lock & Load cannot be used when playback is set to proxy media as it cannot perform tracking at high enough quality. The recommended workflow is use Lock & Load during the final stage of a project after editing is completed. In preferences, Change playback back to “use original or optimized media” and then apply the Lock & Load plugins.
  •  Lock & Load must be the first plugin effect applied to the clip before other plugins are applied. If you have other plugins on the clip, drag the controls for the Lock & Load plugin up to the top of the effects chain so it is applied first. It will then work correctly with all other plugins applied.
  •  Lock & Load cannot track the motion of clips that have a retime method of frame blending or optical flow. The recommended work flow is to stabilize the clip at the original speed it was shot at, export the clip as a quicktime and then retime it inside FCP X.
  • Lock & Load can only be used on video clips, it cannot be used on generators, or on image sequences which you have imported and made into a compound clip.  Please render these clips, export then bring them back into FCP X to apply Lock and Load to them.
  •  Lock and Load cannot be used on compound clips, these clips can contain multiple videos in different locations on the screen, apply Lock & Load inside the compound clip to the individual clips in order to stabilize them.
  •  Certain other clips may have Quicktime properties that prevent Lock & Load from analyzing the clip, an example is iphone or ipad footage that has been shot with upside down but which is flipped automatically by FCP X. On these clips you can successfully use Lock & Load on them by first generating optimized media using the “transcode media” right click context menu in the event viewer and then selecting “Create optimized media”


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