CoreMelt Plugins tips for better performance

All CoreMelt plugins use the graphics card in your system to render, in many cases you can get real time play back without rendering.  However not all of our plugins are realtime, there's some things that simply can't be done realtime with current systems.  Here are some tips to get the best performance from our products.

  • The mocha planar tracker can require additional RAM to what FCP X normally uses, we recommend 8GB RAM for working with 1080p and 16GB RAM for working with 4K or larger footage.
  •  If you're on a laptop, disable automatic graphics switching under energy save in system preferences.  When working with Final Cut Pro you always want the discrete graphics chip to be used instead of Intel integrated graphics.


  • Disable background rendering in the playback preferences in FCP X.  For many of our plugins you need to draw a shape or provide other information before it makes to render, when background rendering is on, FCP X will try to render incorrectly before you have setup the plugin correctly.  You can then manually render any clip or part of the timeline by selecting it and then pressing ctrl-r.


  • Optimise media if necessary.  Depending on your system config you may get slow performance with some codecs that use a lot of CPU processing to decode, in some cases the system can play back the video smoothly on its own but not when a plugin is applied.  Particularly if you are working with 4K clips or larger in h264, R3D RAW or HEVC codecs you may find you need to optimise media in order to get good results.  See:
  • The Planar tracking process can take some time in the plugins SliceX / TrackX / DriveX / Chromatic.  Tracking depends on frame size, your computers cpu speed and the size of the track area.  Sometimes you can speed the process by tracking a smaller area, then dragging the shape to be larger after tracking is finished.
  • Set playback to "performance" in the viewer.  Note this does not change the quality of renders or shared output files, this only effects realtime preview.Screen_Shot_2018-08-07_at_13.59.39.png
  • If none of the above helps, then please run our system log collection tool and send us the results so we can try to help you further.  See here:

Please make sure you email support at coremelt after sending us the log files so we can follow up.



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