Scribeomatic 876: Tips and Recommended Workflows

As Scribeomatic is a cloud service, it is in constant development, so we do not do conventional version numbers.  New builds are pushed out with incremental improvements as soon as they pass our internal QA.  The following represents the recommended workflows for best results as of build 876 5/12/19

More details on all the below are covered in our tutorials here:

  • Always make sure you set the language correctly before you transcribe
  • If you lose any credit points due to an issue with Scribeomatic please contact us and we will investigate and replace points as appropriate.
  • If you are working with rushes with the good audio track on the main camera clip then the fastest workflow is to drag  in clips from the finder, transcribe them all in one batch, then send back to FCP X with both markers and notes applied.  You can later transcribe additional batches of clips and send them back later to a new event or the same event.
  • Stick with one type of clip per transcription batch for now (eg all sync clips, all multicam clips, all clips with embedded audio).
    • Although the goal is to be able to drop any event into Scribeomatic and transcribe, there are remaining glitches dealing with events containing many types of different FCP X clip structures.  If you do run into issues like this please contact us and send us a screenshot of your event open in the browser and an FCP XML if possible.
  • Select all the clips you want to transcribe in one batch and drag them in one action into Scribeomatic.  You can also drag an entire event in, then use selection in Scribeomatic to choose only some clips in the event, you can also narrow the selection using assigned audio roles on clips eg only transcribe clips marked with audio role "Dialogue-1". 
  • Currently you can't add new clips from FCP X to a Scribeomatic workspace , you have to instead create a new workspace, this will be addressed very soon in a new build.
  • Multicam and sync clips are automatically recognised by Scribeomatic and shown correctly in the browser in Scribeomatic, select "group none" in the Scribeomatic media browser if you want to instead work with the individual components that make up a sync clip or multicam clip.
  • In order to transcribe multiple multicam clips at the same time, you should make sure that they all use the same angle name for the track with the good audio that you want to transcribe.  You must select the angle in the Scribeomatic browser before you transcribe.
  • At the moment only audio on the primary storyline is transcribed when transcribing projects.  For more complex projects you may wish to do the following: 
    • Export your project, drag it from the finder into FCP X (or multiple exported projects), transcribe the clips. 
    • Send back to FCP X as captions / titles.  This will create a new project for each clip that has only the exported project and captions inside it. 
    • You can then copy paste the captions back to the edited sequence.  Improvements to Scribeomatic will make these extra steps unnecessary in future.


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