How do I load project files from previous plugin versions?

In order to run fully natively on Apple Silicon systems, some Coremelt products have recently been updated using the new plugin base architecture known as FXPlug4. Projects created using the latest FXPlug4 versions of the plugins are compatible with both Apple Silicon and Intel-based systems.
Unfortunately this means that projects created previous to this update, which were based on the FXPlug3 architecture, cannot be loaded by the updated plugins.
So, if you wish to load projects created with the previous FxPlug3 plugins you must leave both versions installed, and you will need to launch FCP in compatibility mode using the Rosetta 2 Launcher we provide.
The new FXPlug4 plugins versions will show in your effects list as for example "C2 PaintX 4" instead of "C2 PaintX". The versions without the 4 at the end of the category name use the FxPlug3 format. Generally put, when updating the plugins, the CoreMelt Manager will leave the previous versions installed unless you specifically remove them.
If the FxPlug3 version is not installed then you can use the Coremelt Manager dropdown menu at the right of the product name to install or uninstall that version as shown.






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