I have experienced a crash / hang while using one of your plugins.

If you have experienced a crash, hang, kernel panic or FCP X quits unexpectedly while using one of our plugins please be assured that we treat these cases as top priority and do our best to implement a fix as quickly as possible.

We have a system diagnostic tool that will gather the information we need to investigate this problem for you. It will save a system profile SPX file and search your system logs for relevant messages from Final Cut Pro and from any plugins running on your system. Please note all diagnostic information gathered will be treated confidentially, solely used to diagnose your problem and then deleted from our systems

To Proceed, Please download our system diagnostic tool

Unzip and run the SendCmDiags application, and it will gather information for us that will help us fix this problem. It's normal that it will take a minute or so to finish working. After it finishes there will be a zip file on your desktop, starting with "CMDiags..." and then with your user and system name.

Please upload the collected data through our file request form which will be opened by the application.


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